Friday, August 10, 2018

Grateful Heart: A Guided Gratitude Journal

Grateful Heart: A Guided Gratitude Journal is here!  I'm so excited to share a peek into this project that is now available for purchase.  Grab yours here.

I've always kept a journal; writing through my thoughts and emotions is such an effective way for me to process them. Over the years my journals have evolved, but the reason I spend time in them remains the same.  An added bonus is that I love to look back through them occasionally and remember the funny things a child said, or a sweet heartfelt moment, or re-live the heartache I was feeling as I wrote and then remember how a trial was overcome. It's such a blessing to look back and see God's hand shaping my life.

Whenever I share glimpses into my journals (like this travel journal, or this one) I often hear the comment, "Oh! I wish my journal could look like that!"  If you've ever felt that way: wanting to include doodles and ephemera in your journal, but not really sure where to begin, Grateful Heart is for you!

Each page has a hand-lettered prompt, designed to get your creative juices flowing.  These prompts will spark memories and inspire you to write or paint or draw about blessings you have received.  You can use any techniques or methods you want in this journal, but here are a few ideas to help you get started:
  • glue/tape in photos of your favorite people and places
  • write detailed memories; you'll love to go back and read these in the future
  • use colored pencils or colorful pens to tell your story
  • doodle
  • make a list
  • color in the prompts and journal all around them
Here are some of the ways I've been filling up my own gratitude journal:

Buy your Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal here.

I would really, really love to see this journal in use! Please share a photo of your journal on Instagram and tag me!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Announcing the A Lively Hope Stitching Club (and other news!)

Announcing the A Lively Hope Stitching Club!

This Families are Forever pattern is the very first of many FREE monthly patterns available to those who subscribe to the A Lively Hope Stitching Club email.

Each month, typically on the first Friday of the month, you'll receive an email from me with a pdf pattern and list of all the embroidery thread colors you need to complete a gorgeous new hand embroidery design.

I'm delighted to begin this project and can't wait for you to join me! Join soon; the first pattern goes out on Friday!

There are some more exciting changes happening here at A Lively Hope!  Here's a quick version so you can see what's happening at a glance:
  • Two separate monthly newsletters: one to stay up to date with all things A Lively Hope (book reviews, scripture study helps, journaling, homeschool inspiration, craft projects, tons of free printables) and one just for FREE hand embroidery patterns!
  • I'll be releasing a free hand embroidery pattern every month!
  • Stitching Kits are on their way to the shop! Each kit has a beautiful hand embroidery design pre-printed on high quality cotton fabric as well as all the embroidery thread you'll need to complete the project. I'm thrilled that this dream of mine is finally coming to life!

A Lively Hope Blog newsletter: If you'd like to receive the A Lively Hope newsletter, please sign up here.

A Lively Hope Stitching Club newsletter: If you want to receive a free hand embroidery pattern delivered right to your inbox each month, sign up here.

Of course you can sign up for both newsletters if you're so inclined. 

So, to recap, the plan going forward will be one monthly newsletter featuring the free hand embroidery pattern and one separate monthly newsletter with all the new stuff on, plus each month I'll include five things I'm loving lately (this could include anything from books to podcasts to craft projects).  

I am so grateful to you, readers, for supporting me in this work that I love.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Thou God Seest Me

Free template for a bible journaling page.  Trace or copy this page into your scriptures or scripture journal as a reminder of Hagar's story from the Old Testament.

One of the most profound verses I've read in the Old Testament this year comes from the story of Hagar.  She was struggling after running away from what must have been a horrible situation, and she saw and spoke to an angel of the Lord.  This small insight into Hagar's life shows that Heavenly Father cared for her enough to send a messenger to communicate directly with her one-on-one.

Her response was to say, "Thou God seest me."  It's a simple testimony, but it has stuck in my mind for months.  God knew what an effect Hagar's choices would have on her posterity, so he urged her to return to a difficult situation, despite the hardships she would inevitably endure there.

Hagar's story helps me remember that I have a loving Father in Heaven who is directing my life as well. He is designing trials and triumphs meant just for me. Even with billions of people on the earth, God sees me.

He sees you, too.

This download started as a page in my sketchbook.  I shared it on Instagram as part of my 100 Days of scripture lettering project and many people identified with it.  Then my sweet friend Montserrat from Crainial Hiccups designed a Young Women activity based on this idea.  (LOVE!)

I wanted to share it with you also. I designed this printable in two different sizes so that you can use in a number of ways:

  • use it as a page in your scripture journal.

  • use a lightbox and trace it into your scriptures or journal

  • print on sticker paper and color it in with colored pencils, then apply it into your scriptures or journal.

  • Use it as a coloring page, and/or journal all the ways in which you know God sees you.

Download "Thou God Seest Me" journal template page

5x7 inches
8.5x11 inches

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 I'd love to see how you use this free printable! Please leave a comment or share a photo and tag me on Instagram!

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