Friday, August 18, 2017

13 More LDS Primary Song Flipcharts

I have a hidden random talent you may not be aware of. Buried in the deep recesses of my mind are the lyrics to almost every cheesy love song from the 1960s to the early 2000s.  It's true.  I credit the fact that I worked in a semi-fast food restaurant (anyone remember Hogi Yogi/Teriyaki Stix? I worked there for many years. Jealous?) through high school and the first couple of years of college.  We always had the easy listening tunes on in the background.  Plus, I just love cheesy love songs.

I'll often burst out singing along with the music soundtrack of a movie or random songs played in a public place while my family (especially my cute husband) watches in awed amazement.  Or they all laugh at me.  It could go either way.  This hidden talent translates well to remembering the lyrics of church songs as well. It may be a mostly useless gift, but it comes in very handy in my calling as Primary Music Leader.  

I know not all of us, and especially not the kids in Primary know every word to nearly every song from the Children's Songbook, though. So today I've got another batch of LDS Primary Music flipcharts for you. If you don't know what flipcharts are, they are often used to help the children in Primary to learn the words to new songs.  I love creating them and using them in our Primary. I feel like they really help our kids to learn the lyrics more quickly.  The flipcharts I design use simple pictures to help the little pre-readers remember the words as well as the full lyrics for the older kids and teachers.  

Teachers often tell me how much they appreciate having the words in front of them. I guess not everyone can remember every lyric to every song :)

The songs included in this download are:

A Child's Prayer
Children All Over the World
Every Star is Different
Families Can be Together Forever
Hum Your Favorite Hymn
I Am Like a Star
I Feel My Savior's Love
I Will Be Valiant
If The Savior Stood Beside Me
I'll Follow Him in Faith
Our Door is Always Open
The Still Small Voice

The graphics I drew are simple and black and white. (Ink is pricey!) You can color these flipcharts yourself, if you want, or leave them black and white. I've used them both ways and they work well either way.

I really enjoy creating these pages, but as you can imagine, drawing and designing them takes me many, many hours. I love to be able to share them for free with those who are in need, and I ask that if you are able please donate a small amount to help me continue to be able to provide resources like this.

If you'd like to pay a little bit for my time, click ADD TO CART.  You'll then be directed to a page where you can enter in the amount you'd like to pay.  I hope that if you find these helpful, and if you use them in your Primary, you'll support my work.

You can also find the Master List of all the flipcharts I've created.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What I've Been Reading Lately: August 2017

Much of my time for reading by the pool/at the beach/at the park this summer has been replaced with chasing/feeding/removing from danger my two sweet little people (the two big kids are pretty independent). Of course, I wouldn't change a thing. But while I envisioned a summer full of reading, I haven't quite checked as many books off my list as I was planning. I'm pretty thrilled to have read five books in the past month.  How has your summer reading been going?

Still Life with Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

This was probably my favorite of the books I read this past month.  It's a slow, character-driven novel about a famous and extremely successful photographer who finds herself out of money and doubting her worth as a creative person.  Through a change of scenery and new experiences she discovers herself and finds happiness.  Similar in feel to Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner or Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry.  It's not a fast-paced action thriller, but I still found that I wanted to ditch all of my responsibilities and just keep reading.  I loved the details about pursuing creativity and learning to be comfortable in your own skin.

I read this book seven years ago when my two older kids were small, and now I'm in that stage of life again with our two Littles. Being a homeschooling Mama of four, with a fairly large gap in ages, I feel myself needing to add more structure to our days in order to allow us to accomplish all that we need to do and still maintain my sanity.  This book, which may be considered extreme in its' scheduling, is a great motivator and reminder that establishing routines is beneficial to the entire family.  I've implemented some new checklists and routines in the past couple of weeks and so far they're working well.

The Midwife's Revolt by Jodi Daynard

This historical novel set during the Revolutionary War is a well-written blend of actual events that happened to real people and a fictional mystery with made-up characters; extensively researched and very interesting. It's a bit like Pride and Prejudice in the American Revolution. It tells the story of a young widowed midwife and her relationship with Abigail Adams, her attempts to become a spy and her bravery and strength during the extremely difficult war years.  

Worth the Wrestle by Sheri Dew

My main takeaway from this book is the reminder that questions are good. I was inspired to dig deep into my gospel questions,in order to find answers through personal revelation. In this short but inspiring book Sheri Dew shares many practical and relatable personal experiences with questions she has had and the answers she has received.

Listful Thinking by Paula Rizzo

As a list maker and productivity addict, I was drawn to this book immediately. I didn't find much that was new to me in it, but it did inspire me to keep up with my listing ways. There were some sections that didn't fit me at all (the way we plan trips, for example, is very different) but on the whole I enjoyed reading the author's suggestions and methods for staying organized.

What books have you been reading lately?

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Personal Progress: Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. (Free Coloring Page!)

I'm back from my annual blog break, feeling so rejuvenated and full of ideas and ready to share them with you!

I have begun working on my second Personal Progress medallion. Did you know that moms are able to earn the Young Womanhood Recognition award along with their daughters? Ellie and I have both been hard at work reading, studying and journaling our way through the program.

I earned the medallion as a teenager, but this time around it's a whole new experience.  I am gaining so many insights and genuinely look forward to waking up early each morning to study and read and, as always, sketch some notes. While the program is intended for youth, I feel like every question and every scripture can just as easily be applied to my life as someone who has not been a teenager for over 15 years. (?!)

I'm planning to do a series here on the blog featuring sketch notes and scripture coloring pages to go along with the scriptures in the personal progress book. First up is the beautiful and encouraging direction given in Doctrine and Covenants 6:36.

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. 

I created a coloring download for you that includes this phrase in two sizes: a full 8.5 x 11" sheet and also a version with four to a page.  I love including the smaller size in my journal with a little washi tape and it would also work well as a little reminder on your mirror or as a handout for a lesson.  The bigger size is perfect for hanging on the fridge or your inspirational bulletin board.

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