I remember what it's like to be in the midst of infertility and the heartbreak it brings.  I know the pain of saying goodbye to a foster baby who has been part of our family for many months.  I know what it's like to suffer a failed adoption.  I remember searching out people who had been throught those same experiences and craving the encouragement they had to offer.  Here is a glimpse* of our story, I hope it brings you strength to face whatever trials you are enduring..

Foster Care:
Introducing Cutie!
It's All Worth It
Cutie's Surgery
Harder Than We Thought
Cutie Sighting
Cookie Party (Cutie's Farewell)
Visiting Cutie
Little One
Baby Arrives
Back to Us
Emerging: A glimpse at what life is like in the first weeks after a foster child arrives
Why I don't care whether you breast feed or formula feed
A rant about the term "Real Mom"

Encouragement for Infertility and Adoption Loss:
Just Let Me Cry
Hanging On
Baby Steps
One of Those Days (in which I am jealous of all the pregnant women everywhere)
Wondering (a poem)

Elijah's Story (private adoption--2013):
Announcing Elijah's Arrival
Elijah's blanket
Hidden Hearts
Finalization Day!
Dear Elijah--a letter on Elijah's finalization day

Ethan's Story (adoption through foster care--2008):
Oh Baby!
Here he is!
It didn't take long
Early Mother's Day gift
It's official!
Ethan's Sealing Day
A poem for Ethan
Want to see something weird?

*We feel like some of the details of our boys' adoption stories are private and are not entirely ours to share.  When the boys are older, they will learn all the details and will be able to share them with those they choose.

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