Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Doctrine and Covenants 138 Study Guide

 In October 2018 General Conference, Elder M. Russell Ballard encouraged us to study the 138th Section of the Doctrine and Covenants.  He said:

We too can be comforted and learn more about our own future when we and our loved ones die and go to the spirit world by studying this revelation and pondering its significance in the way we live our lives each day.
                                                                                                    M. Russell Ballard

I was struck by this challenge and was immediately excited to dive in and study. Elder Ballard's words were profound and inspiring. In his talk, he gave a detailed account of the circumstances in Joseph F. Smith's life that lead up to him receiving this revelation.  President Smith's life was full of tragedy and loss. His heart was grieving for the state of the world, in addition to the personal loss he faced. The understanding he gained through the revelation lead to greater peace for him and for all who have lost loved ones.

Doctrine & Covenants 138 Study Guide

Doctrine & Covenants 138 Study Guide

This simple guide is designed to help us work through each of the descriptions in D&C 138 in order to more fully understand the insights and warnings contained there.  It contains engaging journaling questions as well as references for additional talks to study.

You could use this for personal study or as a Family Home Evening lesson with older kids and teenagers.  I hope that it helps you to understand more deeply the revelation Joseph F Smith received.

This study guide could be used in a couple of different ways.  You can either print out all the pages and take notes directly on the printable, or if (like me) you'd rather include the questions in a journal you already use, you can print out just the last two pages.  Those pages contain all the same references and questions as the original study guide, but they are condensed into small squares that you can cut out and paste into your journal.

On this special 100th anniversary, I invite you to thoroughly and thoughtfully read this revelation. As you do so, may the Lord bless you to more fully understand and appreciate God’s love and His plan of salvation and happiness for His children.
                                                                            M. Russell Ballard

Download the Doctrine & Covenants 138 Study Guide Here


I'd love to hear any insights you gain from this Doctrine and Covenants 138 Study Guide! Please share in the comments. Or snap a photo and tag me on Instagram!

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