Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Egypt Travel Journal

My husband and I recently returned from an incredible trip to Cairo, Egypt. My beloved college roommate and her family live there and we were blessed to be able to visit them for about a week.  We saw the pyramids and the sphynx, we had some breathless moments on the freeway (driving in traffic there is VERY different than here in the states! And we weren't even the ones driving!), we wandered and bartered in the Khan-al-Khalili market.  It was a grand adventure and I'd go back again in a heartbeat.

One of the highlights of any trip, for me, is keeping a travel journal. I love to sketch the places we see, to write down funny quotes from the trip, and to paste in postcards, ticket stubs and other ephemera.

Strathmore Watercolor Journal
Travel Watercolor Set
Micron Pens
Mod Podge (I used this after we returned home)
Photos (printed after we returned home)

The Process:
While a good portion of my journals are completed while we're on our trips, I do tend to work on the finishing touches after we return home.  I want to be in the moment as much as possible while we're adventuring, so the majority of the painting and journaling is done either in quiet moments on the trip (on the plane, in the evenings while we're relaxing after a full day). I most often take a photo of the thing I want to watercolor and go back to do the artwork later.

I write down funny moments or quotes or (email them to myself) so I don't forget, and add those in after the fact as well.

I keep a little bag in my backpack to hold ticket stubs, receipts and other bits of things I want to paste into my journal.

I love to sit down for a session or two and add all the ephemera and journaling in once we've arrived home.  It helps me process the trip and enjoy it just a little bit longer, even after it's all over.

You can see a full flip-through in my Instagram Stories (look in my Highlights under "Journals")

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