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What I'm Into: May 2017

Oh, May.  It was a bit rough there for a while, with bursts of joy occasionally, too.  Two grandparents' funerals, our 16 year anniversary, an unexpected snowstorm, shuffling kids to sports and lessons, gorgeous weather and lots of family time outside, suffice it to say: May was packed. Crossing my fingers that June is a little slower. Here's a glimpse at what I've been into lately:

Read and Reading

More about what I've been reading lately here.


In the car we've been rotating between Hamilton and the Moana soundtrack, basically nonstop for months.

My current favorite podcasts are
What Should I Read Next.  Always and forever I love this podcast.  It's all about books and readerly things. My daughter and I pounce on the newest episodes as soon as they air.  

Every Branch. I just discovered this podcast, and have really enjoyed working my way back through the episodes.  It's all about finding a healthy balance in life.  Something I am working on and thinking about constantly.

At Home. Love, love, love this upbeat and inspiring show.  It's focused on homeschooling families, but I think even if you don't homeschool you could gain a lot of insights in positive parenting techniques by tuning in.

I've found myself in an audiobook rut lately.  Any suggestions for me?


Jason and I have been watching Anne with an E on Netflix lately. I have such mixed feelings about this series.  As a deeply devoted Anne Fan, I have been so frustrated by how far the series strays from the books. I was so disgusted by the second episode that we quit watching for a little while. But then  I listened to a great podcast about it and decided to give it a second chance.  I'm glad I did.  While I still have moments of frustration (Episode 6, I'm looking at you.)  I have really enjoyed the series. It looks beautiful and the girl who plays Anne is delightful.  We still have one episode left and if Anne and Diana don't jump onto Aunt Josephine in the spare room bed, I might throw a fit.

My husband has been very patient through all of my rantings. I'm sure he's sick of me interjecting every so often with , "Well, in the book...".  And I try to keep my comments to myself. I really do, but sometimes it's more than I can bear.

My advice, if you are an Anne devotee is to watch the series as if it's an entirely different story that just happens to resemble one you know and love. It's a much more modern take on the classic books, but I do feel like it give us more insight into why our dear, quirky Anne is the way she is.

I've also been watching a lot of Creativebug and Skillshare classes with the kids.

Favorite Instagram:

This photo was taken 16 years ago today, back when I thought I knew what love was. After 16 years full of laughter and tears, hard work and adventures, it just keeps getting better. 

"He is the half part of a blessed man,
Left to be finished by such as she; 
And she a fair divided excellence 
Whose fullness of perfection lies in him. 
Oh, two such sliver currents. when they join, 
Do glorify the banks that bound them in." -William Shakespeare, King John 

This quote was on our wedding invitations, and I love it even more now, in the busy craziness of life with a young family, than I did all those years ago. How grateful I am for my husband, for his patience and kindness, his devotion and determination and the joy he brings to my life on a daily basis.

Things I love:

  • I'm a list-maker and task finisher. I'm all about "work before play", but we've found recently that that attitude is seriously hampering our family adventuring. There's always, always more work to be done. So one day per week, we're heading out the door before jobs are done. We're placing adventures and time together higher on the priority list than to-dos. It has been just what we needed and I'm so excited about this new plan. 
  • Elijah (3) has started violin lessons.  He's been begging to play the cello since he was about 18 months old.  Yes, really. I'm so excited to start down this path with our music-loving boy.  
  • Early morning walks with Jason. I love this time to connect and exercise together.


Still plugging away on my third Year of Creative Habits challenge. (I am painting or drawing in my sketchbook every single day for the third year in a row.)  I haven't missed a day yet. Though, I'll admit, sometimes I don't post a photo every day. Follow my progress on Instagram.

Getting ready to teach my summer art classes for kids.  Planning and dreaming is fun, but I can't wait to actually start teaching! Classes start next week and we'll be focusing on a different artist each week.  My crazy-busy 3 year old is joining one of the classes and I'm super nervous about that.  Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for me.

I've been working on catching up on some older scrapbooks. I realized earlier this year that I skipped over a couple of years worth of photos, and now I'm using a super-simple method to catch up.  I'm excited to share more about that on the blog soon.

On the Blog:

I'm joining Leigh Kramer today to share What I'm Into.

What I'm Into

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