Thursday, August 11, 2016

Snapshots from Alaska

Jason and I spent the past week in Alaska with most of the adults in my extended family--a dream trip come true. The bulk of our trip was spent in Denali National Park and unfortunately we were among the 70% of visitors who never actually get to lay eyes on the mountain itself.  We did, however, see plenty of wildlife and scenery more gorgeous than anywhere else on earth.  We traveled by every vehicle you can name: car, plane, train, bus and boat (okay, it was a canoe).

We fell in love with the vast, beautiful landscape.  I wasn't able to do many of the more adventurous excursions I would normally have done (zip lining, river rafting) because, for some reason, adventure guides are nervous to have a 34 weeks pregnant woman join their groups.  However, Jason and I were able to find a place to rent kayaks/canoes by the hour on a tranquil lake a few miles away from our hotel.  We bummed rides back and forth and it worked out perfectly.  We also found a gorgeous hike around Horseshoe Lake and ended up doing it twice because we loved it so much.

Long train, plane and bus rides provided ample time for knitting, sketching and journaling.  I even finished most of my scrapbooking for the trip via the Project Life app. I finished three books and most of a fourth, which is an indication of an awesome trip, in my opinion.

While we loved the time away, coming home to our little people was pretty amazing as well.  There's no place like home.

Stay tuned...soon I'll be sharing my full travel journal. In the meantime, you can sneak a few peeks above.

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