Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Goings On

As October and my 31 Days of Free Embroidery Patterns project drew to a close, I felt both so grateful for the challenge of blogging and sharing my love for designing embroidery work with you every day for a month and so relieved that it was finished.  I felt like that project consumed the majority of my time for months, beginning in August when I began to draw the designs and stitch up the samples. I quite burned myself out, I believe.

Now that I've been done with embroidering posts for a few days, I'm ready to return to this space.  My mind has been full of a million other projects I want to start on. I finally repainted our master bedroom. I want to knit all the things;  I'm dreaming up fun winter hats and slippers for the kids and longing to start a giant arm knit blanket (like this). Elijah will definitely be receiving a quiet book for his birthday.  We need non-breakable ornaments for the Christmas tree (see evidence here) In short, be prepared to see lots of wool and felt around here in the next little while.

October brought the last of Ethan's soccer games for the season and once they were over, the weather turned here in our neck of the woods.  I tore out the last of the garden last weekend.  The trees are bare in the mountains and close behind in our neighborhood.  Costumes were simple in our house this year and mostly came from the dress-up bin and my closet (the best kind of costumes, in my opinion).  Ellie was Professor Trelawney, Ethan went as a different thing to each Halloween event we attended (a Ninja, a Robber, a Pirate...), Elijah borrowed a darling dinosaur costume and we were in business.  Simple and fun.

My favorite time of year is upon us. November means hot chocolate and sweaters, knitting and gratitude.
I'm ready.

Remember this post from a while ago?  It's been published by the Deseret News recently (which was a fun surprise).  

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