Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our Neglected Garden

September has been full of bounty from our tiny garden. I'll admit that I was a fairly lack-luster gardener this year.  We only grew three things: pumpkins, tomatoes and green beans.  I probably watered the garden three times all summer and weeded only intermittently, when the weeds reached Embarrassing Heights. Despite my lack of care, the small decorative pumpkins thrived and we've now got tomatoes coming out our ears.

Elijah is mesmerized by the "baby pumpkins" we grew and has been toting them around in the wagon and on the back of his trike since we picked them last week.

We were even delighted to discover six beautiful peaches on one of our new peach trees.  We hadn't noticed them growing at all during the summer (due to previously mentioned garden inattention) but were thrilled to find them perfectly ripe and delicious.

The lesson I learned from this experience is that complete and total neglect pays off in wonderful ways sometimes.  Sometimes I need to walk away from a project for a while.  Just let it sit and come back to it in a few days (or months...) with new eyes and fresh ideas.  I feel like our garden was that way for us this year.  After a low-key garden year I'm inspired to dive in again.

We've been spending as much time as possible in the mountains lately.  Kayaking was the favorite activity of the summer and we're trying to soak up as much time on the lake as we can before winter sets in.

The leaves are changing colors and they were delightfully crunchy underfoot as we strolled along on a small hike on Sunday morning.  As I look forward to the change in seasons I am excited about the cooler weather, the routine and rhythm that come back to our days and the subtle shift--the drawing inward-- that always seems to occur this time of year.


In two days I will begin sharing a project I've been dreaming up for months.  I am going to join in with the 31 Days Writing Challenge and I'll be posting a free hand embroidery pattern download every single day in October. I've been stitching away, trying to get ahead of the game, for over a month now and I'm so excited to finally be able to share what I've been cooking up.  Come back on October 1st for the begining of the series.

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