Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mount Timpanogos

 Jason and I took a much-needed weekend away for my first ever backpacking trip.  We hiked Mount Timpanogos, which I consider to by My Mountain.  I grew up at its' base and have spent more hours on that mountain than I can count, both as an explorer and as a National Park Ranger (did you know I worked for the National Park Service for 4 summers?  It's true!) In short, I love this area and it's been way too long since we've taken the time to visit.

We camped at Emerald Lake, which this year is more like Emerald Puddle, along with the mountain goats.  The freeze-dried food was surprisingly delicious, or maybe it was made more so by the hours of hiking that preceded it.  We talked about everything under the sun for hours, uninterrupted.  We made plans for the future and discussed where we are now. We read and I sketched.  We drank hot chocolate as the sun rose. I took photos of The Toilet With The Best View In The World (see above).

By the end of the trip our feet were sore and we were longing to see our little people. We were restored and refreshed as a couple and felt ready for the busy season ahead. But oh, it was good to be away.

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