Monday, March 30, 2015

FREE LDS General Conference Doodle Journal Printable

I have received such a great response from my LDS General Conference Doodle Journal that I decided to offer a mini-version for FREE.  This journal is intended for teens and adults who want to take notes as they listen to Conference.  It's not a coloring packet intended to keep little hands busy for a few minutes, but a resource to help you record insights and inspiration.

The free version includes:

* 7 pages
* Two Favorite Quotes pages
* The Doodle Topics page
* Doodle boxes for each member of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve
* Extra doodle boxes for you to fill in additional speakers' names. (color in the pictures as you listen to General Conference

Download the Journal HERE

How it works:

Print all the pages (you'll need to print extras of the blank doodle boxes) 

Cut out the name boxes and paste them into your scripture journal or other notebook.  

Add your notes from each speaker around their specific name box. Color in the boxes as you go, just for fun.

Fill in your favorite quotes and insights as you listen.  


*Print out several Favorite Quotes pages and use them for the specific topics you want to listen for during Conference.

* Print on sticker paper (especially the doodle topics page) to eliminate the need for gluing.

*Use this journal to help you study the talks again.

You can find the full journal in my Etsy shop.  And the Conference Journal for Busy Moms HERE.

And through April 5, use the code EASTER20 for 20% off!

Download the Journal HERE

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