Sunday, March 22, 2015


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Elijah: I often put him in the dry bathtub while I get ready in the morning, or tidy up whatever huge mess he's just made in the bathroom.  That may not last much longer, since this week he learned how to turn on the water just a little bit.  I didn't notice he'd done so until I heard him say, "Mmm...dood (good)." I glanced over to find him patiently waiting to catch drops of water in his mouth. They were apparently very dood.  

Ellie:  My mini-me and I are very close to the same shoe size.  I have mixed feelings about the whole situation:  How could I possibly have a daughter with the same size feet as mine?...Yay! Now we can both double our shoe collections without spending more money!...Do I really want to wear a 10 year olds' shoes?...

Ethan: This boy is so glad it's warmer outside.  Time for Frisbee with Daddy, soccer season will be ramping up soon and many hours have already been spent outside with friends.  Photo taken just as he caught a pass from Jason. 

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