Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Easily Remove Old Wallpaper

When we first moved into this fixer-upper of ours, we noticed the crummy wallpaper border around the tops of the walls in a couple of the rooms.  It was horrible in its fake leather tackiness.  But it was not an immediate priority because there were much more dangerous problems to tackle first (such as gas and water leaks).

I left the wallpaper border on when I painted the ceiling, hence the white sloppy paint everywhere.

Suddenly, as tends to happen with me, repainting Elijah's room became a huge priority last month. The green ceilings were really getting to me and that nasty wallpaper and strange paint job needed to go.

So I bought some paint, broke out the supplies for my favorite wallpaper removing technique and got to work.  This is much faster and more simple the scraping and there is a good chance you already have all the supplies you'll need on hand.

The Supplies

Spray Bottle
Warm Water
Liquid Fabric Softener


Mix 1 part fabric softener with 3 parts warm water in the spray bottle.  Shake it up to combine and you're ready to start!

Begin by peeling off the top layer of wallpaper, this will leave behind the yellowish backing and glue. 

Spray thoroughly with the fabric softener/water mixture.

Spread the mixture around to coat as well as possible.

Let sit for a few minutes.

The rest of the wallpaper and the adhesive will now easily pull off the wall.

It's very satisfying!

You'll probably have a couple of  spots where it rips and you'll need to go over it again, but they'll be very rare.

Wipe down the walls to remove the fabric softener/water.

You're ready to paint!

PS- I'm still working on decor for Elijah's room, but stay tuned for the big reveal in a couple of weeks.

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