Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Currently I'm...

Reading... The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie  and A Million Little Ways  and loving them both. Christmas picture books and books on slavery with the kids.

Watching... Lost with Jason and Gilmore Girls on my own, amidst much Christmas crafting.  I have so many projects underway, it's a little ridiculous. And I'm dreaming up new ones nearly every day.

Cooking...constantly.  We've crossed some sort of line and our big kids are now eating as much as Jason and I do. The most repeated phrase from Ethan is "I'm hunnnnngry."

Pinning... Dress-ups and quiet book ideas for certain someones. many things. There is much crafting going on around here, as mentioned (several times).  Be prepared for some fun, free patterns coming your way! slow down and really enjoy this season. husband more than ever.  How does this just keep getting better?  My goodness, he is kind.  That man is my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  I am blessed.

Hating... That I set the goal to finish several of my works in progress before I could open my Black Friday purchase (a Silhouette Portrait!).

Thinking about...goals for next year.  If you're on this track, too here are some great resources: Video 1, Video 2

Feeling...joyfully busy.

Hoping for... snow.  The temperature has been in the high 40s here all month.  It's delightful in some ways, but so out of the norm.  We're ready to bundle up and shovel the driveway but haven't had to do that at all this year.  I'm hoping it will feel more like Christmas soon.

Listening to... Ethan playing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer on the piano all day long. Christmas music nonstop.  Happy, multiple times a day. It's still Elijah's favorite song.

Celebrating... One year with our baby boy.  I still can't believe how quickly the past six months have gone.  The first six months he was home, during all the waiting drama, went by so slowly.  But, my, time has flown since the finalization date.

Celebrating...Ellie reaching her goal to read 100 books this year (I need to update that page in a big way. Soon, promise). She chose to eat at Five Guys for her celebration dinner.  It was our first time and the kids have been talking about it nonstop since. do you decide what projects to do when you have SO MANY ideas?  So, so many. Heavenly Father for this full, happy life.  Not every day is excellent, we have our share of tough times. But for the most part, things are rolling along well for us right now (knock on wood...)  My day to day happiness is largely dependant on me and the attitude I choose to have.

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