Friday, October 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Countdown Printable

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.   I love any day full of family, fun and food.  To make this day even better, though, we add in gratitude.  I am always trying to be more mindful of my blessings and I love that we have a whole holiday to focus on giving thanks for our abundance.

I try to maximize the thankfulness each year, and one of our favorite ways to celebrate this season is with a countdown to Thanksgiving (here's a look at what we did last year).

Now available in my Etsy shop is a printable Countdown to Thanksgiving!  This was such a fun project to put together! I can hardly wait for our countdown to begin.

 Flexibility is key when I put together something like this for my family.  It needs to contain a good mixture of quick, simple activities in addition to the bigger productions we all look forward to.  Some days are hectic and I often know beforehand which days are going to be nuts, so I can assign a more laid-back activity to that day.

Ideas for use:

Print and cut out these cards to make a fun family countdown to Thanksgiving. There are so many options with this printable! 

You can:
--Hole punch and hook them together with a binder ring and flip to a new day number and activity each day.

--Use clothespins to clip a number card and and activity card together and then clip them to twine to make a countdown banner to hang over your mantle (which is what we're doing).


--Put each card in an envelope with some leftover Halloween candy to enjoy each day until Thanksgiving.

--Color your own countdown (or let your kids do it)!
--Use the activity cards included or make up your own activities to do each day
--Print off a new version each year and rearrange the activities to fit your schedule



This 12 page pdf includes:
* 30 Day Color Countdown
* 30 Day Black and White/ Color your own Coundown
* 26 activity cards + Extra cards to write in your own activities

Happy Thanksgiving!

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