Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Right Now

 Life moves quickly.  I don't want to forget the little details that fill our days right now.


  • Is my right arm.  She is always willing to dive right in and help.  Whether it's cooking dinner, working on a project, weeding the garden or cleaning, she loves to help.  (Finishing what she's started helping on is another matter.)
  • Reads voraciously.  Countless times throughout each day I find her in a quiet spot, reading away.
  • Is mad about designing houses, drawing and craft projects.  
  • Is FULL of ideas. Her most consistently uttered phrase is, "I have an idea!".  
  • Puts a lot of pressure on herself.  Sets huge goals and is disappointed when things don't go exactly to plan.  (Hmmm...wonder where she got that?).
  • Constantly speaks for Elijah.  It's kind of a running commentary of the hilarious things she imagines he is thinking.  She has a distinctive Elijah Voice which can't say many consonant sounds and uses an unusually large vocabulary.  So funny.
  • Loves the piano.  She is really taking off in this area lately and it's so fun to watch her progress.
  • Doesn't identify herself as an athlete yet, but I can see her getting stronger and more comfortable in her role as a swimmer.


  • Is suddenly bursting with creativity.  He can spend hours drawing animals, making monsters or building with popsicle sticks.  I've loved to see his transition into a maker.
  • Still spends a lot of time in a little world of his own imagination, playing with many, many small toys and creating elaborate story lines.  He sometimes invites Jason or me to play with him in this mode, but it's so hard for us to keep up that before long he'll say, " can go now."
  • Wants to play soccer in the front yard every day for our One-on-One Time (my soccer skills are greatly improved with all the practice!).
  • Is recovering much more quickly from his angry outbursts.  He's even apologized and changed his behavior of his own accord several times recently. 
  • Most of his drama lately is centered around shoes.  Lack of shoes (despite the fact that they are put away and easily accessible.  He just believes he won't ever be able to find them), untied shoes,etc.
  • Still says "Scumse Me" for Excuse Me but also manages to throw in words like 'vanished' and 'miniaturizer' in the correct context.  (As in, "Mom! My shoes were right here but now they've vanished." Or, "I want to live in this house I created out of popsicle sticks.  If only I had a miniaturizer...")
  • Is beginning to read, which makes my Mama-heart sing.


  • Is into EVERYTHING. No project, book, paper, toilet, plant, etc. is safe with this busy boy around.  Our home is fairly Elijah-proof, but I am constantly chasing him when we go other places.
  • Lights up our home.  He is so joyful.
  • Is taking several steps in a row, but still prefers crawling.
  • Loves all food.
  • Sometimes signs milk desperately with two hands to emphasize the extent of his hunger.
  • Constantly has people touching his head.  Seriously, it's all. day. long.  It doesn't bother him in the least, but I find myself feeling annoyed at times. 
  • His herniated belly button is vastly improved.
  • Loves his blanket and immediately puts his head down on it when it's on our shoulders and he's ready to sleep.
  • Loves to make us laugh.  He's constantly making funny faces, dancing and yelling nonsense words to crack us all up.
  • Enjoys places that echo.  Any time we walk into a public restroom, or the entrance of a store, or any other place with good acoustics, he yells to test for echos and lights up with the sound.
  • Is very social and loves to be around many people.

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