Monday, September 8, 2014

Podcasts I Love

Elijah loves riding in the stroller.  He grins like this every morning. 

Each morning my kids and I go on a walk/bike ride before we start our homeschool day.  The big kids ride bikes, way ahead of me, and I walk or run and push Elijah in the stroller.  While I do so, I usually listen to a podcast.  I am fairly new to the podcasting world, but already I have several podcasts I look forward to listening to.  Just in case you haven't heard of them yet, I want to share the love:


Brilliant Business Moms Podcast: Inspiring, motivating and helpful. I've received so many practical tips and a huge amount of motivation from this show!

Elise Gets Crafty: another great podcast for creative/small business owners and bloggers.  Packed with inspiring and helpful ideas.

How They Blog: Kat simplifies what can be very overwhelming topics and breaks them into manageable chunks.  It's interesting to me to hear stories from different bloggers and to glean from their hard-earned knowledge.

Inspired to Action: I am always excited to see another episode show up in my feed.  This podcast is like a breath of fresh air for me.  I always find strength and encouragement to be a better Mama after I listen.

Power of Moms:  Lots of helpful ideas for running a household, connecting with your children,  building strong relationships and more.

Books, Food, and more
Books on the Nightstand: If you've ever wondered where I find all the books I read, this podcast is one reliable place.  I need to have a pen and paper close by because I add several new books to my to-read list during every episode.

Read Aloud Revival: If you need inspiration to make the time to read aloud to your kids, this is the place to start.  It's also crammed full of excellent book recommendations and how-to tips.

Spilled Milk: Hilarious and fun.  As a warning, this podcast can be a little naughty sometimes.  But usually in a pretty funny way.  Does that make it okay?

The Art of Simple: Inspiration for simple living.  Practical tips and great recommendations for everything from books to travel to healthy eating.

There is a wealth of listening potential on the Mormon Channel.  My favorites include Conference Talks, Gospel Solutions for Families, History of the Hymns and Stories from General Conference.

What have you been listening to lately?

**I am not affilated with these podcasts in any way.   I just want to share them 'cause I love them :)

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