Monday, August 25, 2014

On Deepening Friendships

One of my major takeaways from my time away last week was a desire to improve my relationships.  I have recently found myself missing a deeper connection with women-friends. Maybe it's the busy summer we've had or the fact that my BFF momma friend moved away recently (sniff!), but I realized while I was away that I can go days and days without having a real conversation with another woman.

(I feel the need to say that my dear husband and I still talk for hours every day.  But it is commonly known that women need other women.  It's true, even if for a long time I thought it didn't apply to me.)

In a subconscious effort to find deeper connections, I have been spending more time on social media.  It's laughable, really.  People are not real online.  Checking in on Facebook is not the same as checking in with a dear friend.  Social media makes it possible for us to stay in contact with more people, yes.  And I enjoy that.  But when I find myself checking in multiple times a day, or idly scrolling through updates without remembering how I got there, it's a problem.

My life is filled with incredible women. My mama and sisters, in-laws, cousins, neighbors and friends (near and far). Despite my introvertedness, I am renewed and uplifted by speaking to those women. That is the authentic connection I have been craving.

I have made a goal to contact at least one of the amazing women in my life each day, via phone call, text, email or letter.  As I have done so for the past few days, I've found that my social media time has decreased because real-life, authentic conversations with important friends have filled me up.

If you find yourself in need of more authentic friendships, I encourage you to find them offline.  And if you need someone to talk to, for real, I'd love to chat.

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