Monday, July 7, 2014

Lake Powell

Grandpa is patient, that's for sure. 

Jason's solar oven

We spent the past week at beautiful Lake Powell with my extended family for some much-needed R&R. This annual trip has been a tradition since my mom was a teenager. And, oh, how we look forward to it!

Every year when we arrive I can hear my sweet grandma saying, as she did when I was a child, "God must have had fun making this place!" As the years have passed her voice grows fainter, but I think of her always as we meander through the red rock canyons of her favorite place on earth.

I am delighted to pass on some of my favorite childhood memories, and some new additions, to my children.  My time was spent completely unplugged: no screens or electronic devices of any kind.  It's amazing how much longer the days are when they are spent away from technology. It's not that we use screens a ton anyway, but the total absence of them was a definite change and one I'd like to make a more regular part of our lives. 

We filled the days with family, swimming, water skiing/tubing/belly boarding, spikeball , sliding, shared meals, snorkeling, reading, fishing, solar oven cooking (more on that soon!), and games.  Memories made.

The only thing I would have changed would be the debilitating illness that swept through the family.  I won't go into detail, but it was bad.  We ended up leaving a day early because our kids had been terribly sick throughout an entire awful night.  We had no clothes that weren't covered in various forms of disgusting things and no desire to spend another 100+ degree day on the lake when so many in our family were already very dehydrated.

Other than the last brutal night, it was a glorious trip.  A much needed time to reconnect, rejuvenate and plan for the future.

Giant bubbles with Grandma

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