Saturday, June 14, 2014

Words for Your Weekend:: Purpose

I believe that we each have a role to fill. Important work that we were each meant to do.  It isn't necessarily one thing for our whole lives, either.  The focus can definitely change as our circumstances change.  I have been working lately to find my place.  I have many areas of interest and I tend to jump into too many projects at once.  I've been wanting to find a narrower focus for my creative life: something that brings me joy and  is worth sharing with others.  And something I can fit into full days amidst my other responsibilities.

I love these words from Pablo Picasso because they exactly describe what has been on my mind.  I want to use my talents and abilities to bless others (and myself!) without becoming overwhelmed by all the possibilities. There are so many opportunities and ideas and inspiring causes I could devote my time toward. This is a balance I am forever working on.

I am inspired by so many of you and would love to hear how you use your talents to bless others.

What does giving your gift away look like for you?
The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.                                                                  --Pablo Picasso 

If you need a little inspiration in this area, feel free to snag the image above and hang it in a prominent place.  I made it just for you! :)


  1. In the impossibly briefest fashion ever, I wanted my gift to the world to be good, well-grown, truly nourishing food, and my husband liked that idea, too. But Heavenly Father told us our gift is children--children that He gives us to raise and release to do their own good in the world. It is a terrifying task of immeasurable good.

    1. "It's a terrifying task of immeasurable good"...beautiful words. And so true! My goodness, parenting children is hard! But those glimpses we get into the incredible people they are becoming are enough to keep pushing on. Thanks for sharing!