Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June in the Garden

I snuck out early this morning to check on our garden.  

Our first harvest year of strawberries has been a bird-filled one.  After many sad strawberry searching missions, in which we found a ripe berry only to pick it and discover half of it had been eaten by birds, we've finally begun harvesting handfuls of berries.

My favorite way to enjoy them so far is on top of our favorite granola. So very tasty!

Our poor garden has been slightly neglected for the past couple of weeks.  It's been busy around here, but now that our celebrating is mostly behind us, it's time to jump back into real life again.  Note to self: the espalier fruit trees need to be pruned again.

We've had peas coming out our ears, which is not a bad thing.  As I was tucking Ethan into bed the other night I noticed a pile of pea strings and blossom ends on his table.  When asked about them, he sheepishly admitted that he'd been sneaking out to the garden during quiet time to pick peas for a snack.  Go right ahead, little guy.  You think you're going to get in trouble for sneaking vegetables?  Nope.

Our buttercrunch lettuce is luscious right now.  So is the kale. I know it will be over soon, so I'm enjoying that while it lasts.

We had a nasty case of squash bugs last year.  I was out in the garden multiple times a day removing the horrid creatures and searching for their eggs.  In the hopes of getting rid of them (and because I just don't have time for much bug-squishing this summer) we didn't plant any squash-related plants.  I'm sure we'll miss them in the fall, but we're crossing our fingers that this will help in future years.

 My major yard project for the year was filling in the flower beds.  We had to start completely over on so very many things when we purchased this fixer-upper that the flower beds were pushed to the end of the list.  This is the year to see some progress there. Yay and hooray!

I've taken transplants from anyone who offered and have started thousands of perennial seeds. I'm so looking forward to seeing some magic out there.

Here is the before, with a few plants from the past couple of years.  Can't wait for the after!

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