Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Day

Our schedule was packed solid for today.  But a sweet girl with a cold and white stuff falling from the sky  changed our plans completely. Nearly everything was canceled or postponed.  We spent a restful day at home with books, snuggles, a movie, a cozy roasted-veggie lunch, and gently falling snow out the window.

A homeschool snow day.

Ethan is old enough that his offer to help me shovel the driveway was actually helpful.  Ellie is old enough to tend The Beeb while we do so.  And after a contemplative, quiet day we were all feeling rejuvenated, and I was--once again--reminded to slow down.  

We receive many offers to join in fun events, educational opportunities and exciting adventures. All of which are good.  But for this season in life, slower is better.  Adventures are great. Challenges are important.  But enjoying these moments is even more important.  Rushing here and there will not make me happy and so I need to let go of a few things (or, at least not schedule them all on the same day).  

When looking at the calendar this morning, before our decision to cancel most plans, I felt myself growing anxious.  I don't like Anxious Me.  Anxious Me is too short with the people I love; too busy to love them properly.  And so I've resolved to take a step back so I can focus on where my talents and service and love are most needed.  

"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast, you also miss the sense of where you are going and why."
Eddie Cantor


  1. I'm probably one of the worst when it comes to rushing. I'm very task-oriented and always look at my day as what I can check off my to-do list. It's something I have to make a conscience effort to do: slow down!! I love that quote.

    1. I'm the same way. I make extremely unrealistic to-do lists every single day. I'm working on it!