Monday, February 3, 2014

Sisters, sisters...

There were never such devoted sisters...

I am firmly convinced that every girl needs a sister (or four).  I am blessed to be close to amazing women: sisters, sisters-in-law and a mom and mom-in-law who are as close as sisters. When I say "sisters", they are undoubtedly included.  These beautiful women have laughed and cried with me for years.

Mostly laughed.

Through our recent challenges, they have bouyed me up, listened and offered uplifting words, wrapped me in much-appreciated hugs (even if they made me cry harder), sacrificed, and given encouragement. And though I cannot fully express the depth of gratitude I feel, I will continue to try. I will try to be there when I am needed; to listen, love, uplift and serve my sisters.

It's what we do.

"A sister is a little bit of Childhood that can never be lost" 
Marion C. Garretty

The only thing that could have improved the evening is if our dear Katie could have left her LDS mission in Vancouver for a few hours.  She was missed.

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