Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Most" Posts of 2013

I am joining Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things to showcase my top five posts of 2013.  I enjoyed reading back through the year and reminiscing as I chose which posts to include. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of our year, too.

Post with the Most Clicks/Comments:
The same post won in both categories: the story of our newly adopted baby boy. Oh Happy Day!

Hardest Post to Write:
The story of our failed adoption was without a doubt the most difficult post I wrote this year. My heart still hurts whenever I read it, even though we've now experienced a happy ending to the story.

My Favorite Post to Write:
This was a difficult choice, but I finally settled on Rockets: Lost and Found, because it highlights what an awesome husband I have.  Truly, he's amazing.

Okay, I'm actually going to do two in this category, since I combined most clicks/most comments above.  Another of my favorite posts to write this year was Holding on to Hope.  I felt so uplifted, rejuvenated and ready to plunge back into life again after working through the thoughts that lead to that post.

Post with the Best Picture:
I recieved more feedback about this photo (via Facebook and emails) than any other photo this year. It captures my daughter and her doggie soaking up the sunshine after a string of cold, cloudy days.

There was defintely an adoption theme to the blog this year, and I am so grateful that in a few months we'll be able to move on from that.  I forget how all-consuming adoption is when you're in the middle of the process.  At least for us, that has been true whether it was adoption through the foster system or a private agency.  But we are beginning to settle in to being our own family again, with the addition of one more tiny person.  Though it's been a difficult journey, we still consider the results a miracle.

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  1. The picture is so perfect! And I'm so glad you linked up. Thanks for joining in!