Friday, November 1, 2013


Despite the fact that we are not really "Halloween People", we had an enjoyable holiday this week.  I am uber sensitive to scary/gory images (and so are the shorties around here) and Jason basically detests Halloween all together. But, we enjoyed our light-hearted celebrations and left the yucky stuff to those who enjoy it.

One of our favorite traditions is the North Logan Pumpkin Walk.  This year the Pumpkin Walk was doubly awesome because 1) we were able to help with one of the displays: The Dawn of Adoption, with Families Supporting Adoption.

It was a Dinosaur Train theme (because one of the characters on the PBS show called Dinosaur Train is adopted).

Ethan and Ellie got to make pumpkin head dopplegangers to place on the train:
Ellie is on the left, Ethan in the middle.  As if you couldn't tell already!

And 2) we went to the Pumpkin Walk with some of our favorite friends in the world (who we don't see nearly often enough).  And we had such fun with them for the whole weekend.  It truly was lovely!

On to the other festivities:
The obligiatory eating-the-pumpkin-goop picture.

Carving a pumpkin, Engineer style.
Ethan and Jason worked on this carving together.  Ethan had the artistic vision--which included "9 circle eyes, a square mouth and a moustache"-- and Jason did the legwork. They make a good team.

Top to bottom: Ethan and Jason's creation, Lindsay and Ellie's Harry Potter and my very happy, Toothy Jack-O-Lantern.

I knit Ellie's Medusa hat using this pattern as a guide.  I completely underestimated the time it would take to knit all those I-cord snakes.  This project took over my life for a full month.  But she loved it!

Ethan the Ninja. 
By contrast, Ethan's costume was the easiest in history. (Ninja mask tutorial here). 

Our trick-or-treating route was short and sweet yesterday; just perfect in my opinion.

Happy Halloween!

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