Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Biography Club: Auto-Biographies

We love to get together with other homeschoolers and we're lucky to have a fantastic group of friends who put together amazing learning experiences for our kids to enjoy.  One of our favorites is Biography Club.  After a summer break, we met together today to learn more about important people throughout history.  Following the example of a cute friend (who did the same thing last year), Ellie decided to present an auto-biography.  Ethan wants to do everything Ellie does, so he did the same.

Ellie Joy Hillman
September 28, 2004
Colors: White, gray and peach
Food: spaetzle and pretzel salad
Activities: camping, writing

Music and the piano
Talking to people

Something Extraordinary about Me:  My Imagination

Ethan Clarke:
(Ethan wanted to draw pictures of his favorite things)
Remote Control Car
Camping and Hiking

I adore the picture he drew for camping/hiking.  Can you see it in the extreme close-up (on the left side)? He drew himself with Jason and me hiking up a steep trail.  That's our campfire above us; but we're not in danger, according to Ethan.

Both kids also brought their photo books from the past year to show pictures of some of their favorite adventures.  Ellie has a gift for gab and is very good at public speaking (in a room full of friends). This was the first time Ethan actually stood up front and faced the audience.  He was shy and didn't speak much, but I was pleased to see his progress.  I am grateful to be able to share these experiences with my children.  To see them challenge themselves and grow and flourish is one of the main reasons I love this homeschool gig.

Every month we leave inspired to learn more about the indivuduals our friends presented.  We always have a great variety; today we learned about Ethelred and Eliza R. Snow, among others.
We're already looking forward to next month!

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