Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Excuses, Excuses...

Oh, hi there!  Yes, we're still alive.  I just took a short, unexpected break from this blog.  Life got a little crazy on us, as it has a tendency to do.  Here's a glimpse of what we've been up to the past few weeks:

Enjoying summer.  The weather has been hot, so we've spent as much time outside in the mornings as we can.  And what wonderful mornings they have been!

The garden has been keeping us busy. I think we're looking at our most successful garden year ever. 
 Knock on wood.

This was taken in early August, one of our first green bean harvests.  
We are now picking large mixing-bowls full of green beans every three days or so. Ellie is delighted, as this was her main request from the garden this year.  The girl loves her green beans.

We had the opportunity to care for a sweet foster placement for about 2.5 weeks (that's her foot peeking out of the stroller above).  Oh, my, how we fell in love.  She took over our hearts quickly.  But, as I've told you before life is put on hold when a new sweetie arrives.  They need and deserve so much love and attention as they adjust to our home, schedule and family.  

She left our home on Monday, though we wish she could have stayed forever.  Our hearts will always hold a spot for her, and we pray that her family can overcome the difficulites they are facing.  

We've been checking items off our List O' Summer Fun.

One of our favorite activites so far was making gigantic bubbles.  (We used this recipe and it worked so well!)  We'll definitely be doing this again soon.

It's wildfire season here.  
This makes for itchy eyes, runny noses, coughs (due to the gunk in the air) and gorgeous sunsets.
We had a fire pretty close to home (though our south-end neighbors were much closer). 
Close enough to be "snowing" ash, which was a little bizzare.

Our beautiful, amazing, talented Hermana Kindlespire is home! She returned from serving for 18 months in the New York, New York North LDS Mission.  How grateful we are that she gave her time and sacrificed so much to share her testimony.  We are so blessed to have the gospel, and were delighted to be able to share our amazing Lindsay with the people of New York for a while.

It seemed like such a long wait before we saw her come down that escalator!  We were pretty sure she was standing at the top, making us wait on purpose.  Or talking to everyone she could about Jesus Christ and the restored gospel...

There she is!

So, so good to have you home, Sister!

The best part of all this, for us, is that Lindsay has moved into our home.  She will be living with us and attending USU.  Our kiddos have been mobbing her with love over the past few days.  I'm sure we'll all settle in and she'll get more time to herself soon.  

Other things that have been keeping us busy:

* "The Scary Bathroom" as seen in our house tour is no longer scary!  We decided to fix it up for Ellie and Lindsay to use and it is mostly finished.  Some small finishing touches (mostly in the paint department) need to be made, but other than that it's done.  And it's definitely useable now.  Hooray!  That project was hanging over my head, for a long time.  I'm so glad to be moving on.

*School is starting up again.  I'll be sharing our curriculum choices for the year soon.  I think this is going to be our best year yet!

*Jason's new job.  He started at Bourns about a month ago.  So far he's loving it!  It's challenging, he's stretching and learning and able to do all the fun engineery stuff he's been missing for the past couple of years.

Life is, hopefully, settling down a bit as we start a new school year and jump back into the routine that brings.  

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