Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 12-14

My Photo a Day Challenge. 
My goal for July is to post a photo every day.  
I want to share and remember the little moments and everyday things that make up our lives, right now.

{Ethan was convinced he was running on top of the water.  It's only about 2 inches deep}

     We were blessed to host houseful of family this weekend. Our kids soaked up hours of cousin-time and the adults talked and talked (so refreshing!). We enjoyed time at the American West Heritage Center and then visiting, eating, playing at our house on Friday.

     Saturday was spent at Bear Lake.  Despite a stormy beginning, and a rather chilly day, fun was had by all.  We are now conviced that we are in "desperate" need of kayaks for our family.  This is something we've talked about for years, but have never made it an official goal.  We were able to borrow one this weekend and Ellie discovered that she loves kayaking.  She is our reader/writer/creater/not-so-actively-inclined child and we are excited to find a physical activity she is enthusiastic about.  So far swimming and kayaking are her favorites.  (She merely tolerates hiking and bike-riding because they are required in our family.  But, she always enjoys heself once we get going.)  She decided that we need to have "Kayak Christmas" this year, and I'm inclined to agree.

How grateful we are for such a close family and the time we are able to spend together.

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