Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1

My Photo a Day Challenge. 
My goal for July is to post a photo every day.  
I want to share and remember the little moments and everyday things that make up our lives, right now.

Ellie was in charge of Family Home Evening tonight (a time set aside each week for us to gather as a family and discuss gospel topics and learn and grow together).  She spent hours planning a Noah's Ark puppet show to share with us.  She made the popsicle-stick puppets (Noah is in green above) and a cardboard ark filled with Ethan's toy animals.  She wrote a script to tell Noah's story, made tickets (complete with assigned seats and tear-off sections for the usher to remove), enlisted Ethan to spray a water bottle during the show to represent rain, and had a whole marketing campaign underway to gain an audience.  

Yes, we adore her.