Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tarzan's Bathtub

I grew up at the mouth of a lovely spot called Battlecreek Canyon, and spent many afternoons hiking the canyon with my family.  I have been meaning to take my little ones there for years and finally made that happen last weekend.  And, to make the trip even better, my Mom and Dad and favorite (aka: only) brother joined us.

As far as I know the small waterhole just up the trail doesn't have an official name (Pleasant Grovers: does anyone know otherwise?), but our family dubbed it "Tarzan's Bathtub" years ago. 
 And forever after Tarzan's Bathtub it shall be.  

The waterfall a short hike farther on is simply called "The Waterfall". I'm sure we've hiked to dozens of waterfalls over the years.  But if I were to say, "I think I'll hike to The Waterfall this afternoon", my siblings would all know where to find me.

It was a treat to share this favorite place with my favorite small people.
And so, so fun to go again with my family, though we were missing the majority of the siblings.
How grateful I am for all the time spent outdoors with loved ones in my childhood!
I believe those moments stay in your heart forever, which is why our family tries so hard to make outdoor adventures a regular part of life.

{Discussing which rocks are best for throwing in the water.  A serious topic for a boy and his Grandpa}

{Crazy Uncle David, the sloth}

{my hometown}

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