Wednesday, May 29, 2013

International Boat Races

My darling cousin and her husband invited us to participate in their 6th Annual International Boat Races last weekend.  We made our own boats (which we did not take photos of) and raced them down a quick-moving stream.  We each got to enter two boats in any number of categories (everything from plastic/foam to natural materials).  My favorite boat creation was my avocad-boat made from, you guessed it, half an avocado.  It had a pine cone in the center. 

 Also, it didn't work very well. 

 But avocad-boat is really fun to say.

Ellie and Ethan made boats out of foam and plastic.  Ethan's was basically a foam oval-ish shape with a bunch of random pipe cleaners stuck in to look like wings.  

But, in a wonderful turn of events, he won!
Not only did he win the plastic category, but he took first place overall.
There was not a happier boy in all the land that afternoon. 
He brought it up for days afterward, too.
 "Hey, Mom!  Remember when I won the boat race? That was awesome!"

I loved to watch his reaction each time his boat was racing.

At this point his boat was in third place.  He's standing near the end of the route. 
You can see him urging the boat forward with his eyes.

His boat sneaks into second place, and his anxious smile leans more toward pleased.

At the very last second, his boat stole into first place.  He couldn't believe it.  
He asked me several times, "I won! Right? Right, mom?"
His look of complete shock and delight (mixed with a bit of cookie residue) absolutely melts my heart.

{Our fearless boat catchers.  I'm happy to say no boats were lost this year.}

{Ellie receiving her award from Brittney and Dave.  Aren't they adorable?}

We had so much fun and can't wait for next year!


  1. What a fun event! Just wait until Ethan is doing his Pinewood Derby in a few years, oh man, he and Jason will have a blast with that one. And, my guess is... he'll win that one too!

    1. I think Jason is already counting down the days til the pinewood derby!