Sunday, May 26, 2013

12 Years

My sweetheart and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this month.
I surprised him with a camping weekend away, courtesy of my awesome parents.
We drove south to Canyonlands National Park in gorgeous Southern Utah.

Lathrop Canyon Trail

{It was windy}

We spent the weekend hiking, cooking over the fire, reading and talking.  
How luxurious it was to talk and talk without interruption!
I love that we spent 3 full days together, talking almost the entire time, and still didn't run out of things to say.

Jason spent much of the trip reading Ken Jennings' Maphead aloud.  
He reads to me...swoon...

What a beautiful area of the world! 
There is just nothing that compares with red rock canyons, in my opinion.

A story for you:
After waking up to hear a man loudly proclaiming "Oh my GOSH!*" very near our tent, Heidi lay awake-- with heart pounding-- for a long time, certain she heard footsteps sneaking up outside the tent.  She finally woke Jason and he listened for a while, and didn't say anything.  Heidi, still terrified, assumed he was formulating a plan to save her.  Actually, he had decided the noise, though it sounded much like footsteps, was instead the tent flapping in the wind.  However, he was sleepy and forgot to inform Heidi until she mustered up the courage to ask him what his plan was.  He replied that he didn't need a plan on account of the noise was the wind and not scary men trying to murder us.  He did look outside the tent (at Heidi's insistence) in order to assure that all was well.  It was.

*language censored

 Wilhite Trail.
We descended 1600 feet from the top of those cliffs to the slot canyon at the bottom.
Most of that descent was scrambling (climbing over large boulders).

I adore cairns.

This Jerusalem Cricket (pardon me, but he's an ugly fellow)
was hanging out under the tent when I took it down. 
I thought it was dead, and after documenting my discovery I tried to sweep him away.  
He was not dead.
 I may have alarmed our campground neighbors with my yelps of surprise and terrified flight from the scene when he started running.

Mesa Arch
 {a very quick little hike, but well worth the stop}

After three refreshing days we were more than ready to see our little people again.
Jason, I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

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