Friday, April 12, 2013

Rockets: Lost and Found

We had the entire park to ourselves early one recent morning.  Jason had taken the day off work to finish up our new school/playroom (photos coming soon!).  We took a break from painting, caulking, caulking and painting for a family rocket launch extravaganza. 
(Jason and Ethan built their rockets during a recent Daddy/Son Date.)  
To say there was much anticipation in the air would be an understatement.

{You may recognize the purple rocket  from previous adventures.}

It was chilly, but the sun rising over our gorgeous mountains made a beautiful backdrop.

Ethan was delighted to watch his "baby rocket" shoot up, up and away.
The thrill of the launch quickly diminished as we scanned the sky, hoping to find a swiftly-falling, bright orange object.  No such luck.  We waiting an unnaturally long time for it to land.  We saw nothing, we heard nothing.
You can imagine the devastation when Ethan realized his little rocket was MIA. After searching for a while, we decided to move on and try to salvage the trip. 
 We had two other rockets, after all.  

Ellie's rocket malfunctioned, the chute didn't open and it crashed.  Smashed.
The final rocket had issues, too.  
This was not turning out to be the successful family fun time we'd planned.  

Still, there was a lot of time for silliness, which is always a plus.

We made the best of it and then went home to complete our projects. But the rest of the day, during quiet moments, Ethan would bring up his lost rocket and how sad he was that we were unable to find it.
  And now comes the best part of the story:  My sweet, thoughtful husband woke early the next morning.  He went back to the park and searched and searched for Ethan's "baby rocket".  

For 2 HOURS.

He worked out a grid and walked back and forth for two hours until he found that rocket.

He nearly froze his toes off, but he found it.  
And he returned home just as our tousle-haired, early-rising boy was scampering out of bed (yes, he scampers).  

He presented Ethan with the little orange rocket, missing a part but totally fixable. 
Ethan was overjoyed, but in the mind of a four-year-old the time and effort involved in finding that rocket is too abstract to merit much attention.  He was delighted to have the rocket back, but quickly moved on with the rest of his day.

He had no idea what a witness of his Daddy's love and devotion he was holding.  
But I know.  

I am one blessed woman.

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