Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Adventures

We have not spent as much time outside as I would have liked so far this winter.  
I'm thinking this is due to the string of days that the temperature never rose above 10 degrees F.

This made for a bad case of cabin-fever in our home.  
A few days ago, we reached a balmy 33 degrees.  
It felt like heaven on earth. 
 I'm not joking, it really did.

And then, something miraculous happened: the sun came out!
You see, we have this wintertime issue called Inversion (it's yucky). 
In fact, I heard on the news that our beautiful little valley had the worst air-quality in the nation last week. But, I digress...

We enjoyed our balmy 33 degree day and celebrated by going on a winter adventure with some friends.

Throwing snow into the river to watch it melt was the highlight of the morning.
We spent over an hour doing this at numerous locations along the trail.  

Look at that sky!  It's actually blue.  
After weeks of dismal grayness I could not get over the gorgeous sky.

It's hazy and only 17 degrees out at this moment, but I'll try to make the memories of this sunshiny day spent outside last until we can do it again.

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