Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Fun: projector pictionary

Jason recently tracked down an old overhead projector for a project I'm going to be starting soon (I'm SO very excited!  You'll hear all about it later).  I'm not quite ready to start that project yet, so we put the projector to use in a different way: Family Game Night.
So, so fun!

The kids were so smitten by this "awesome machine".  Ellie could hardly contain her jealousy when she learned the most of my official schooling came to me on a projector just like this.  
We have a real fondness for outdated technology at our house.

After the inevitable giant-hand-grabbing-the-brother game, we played projector pictionary.

Ethan's giraffe.  Most of his drawings were upside down. 
 It's a good giraffe though, right?
I was impressed.

{A monster by Ellie}

Super-strong kiddos in a top hat...

What is your favorite family game? 
I'd love to hear your suggestions!


  1. Spoons has to be our all time favorite...closely followed by Ultimate spoons, Lake Powell spoons etc. We also like Zoom, Zoom, Erk and Spit is probably the favorite card game.

    PS This is Mom, not Lindsay.

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