Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Reads {1/28/13}

I've decided to join in the weekly book club at Life Your Way
I'm so excited to share our books with you and hope you'll return the favor.  
We're always on the lookout for new books!

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse 
I've been on a bit of a dust bowl era kick lately.  This Newbery award-winning look into the life of a teenager in Oklahoma during that time period was gripping.  It  is written in un-rhymed verse and is a very quick read.  The horrors faced by Billie Jo and her family broke my heart.  I found the descriptions of living with the constant plague of dust and dust storms more relatable than in any other story I've read about this era.

Dark Water Rising by Marian Hale 
Fascinating historical fiction (YA) about the Galveston Storm in 1900.  I had never heard about this natural disaster before reading this book.  Gruesome details may be too realistic for those who are sensitive to that type of thing.

Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin
I enjoy Rubin's writing style and was encouraged to explore what makes me happy and how I can help my home to be a happier place.  I did feel like this was very similar to The Happiness Project.  I have been inspired by several of her resolutions including:
  • Suffer 15 minutes a day (do something you don't want to do for just 15 minutes each day.  It's amazing how much work you can accomplish in that little time!)
  • Holiday breakfasts:  I admire Moms who go to great lengths to make little holidays special (Groundhogs Day comes to mind...) but don't feel like I do very well at this.  Rubin has made a tradition of having a fun breakfast for small holidays.  Simple decorations, a little food coloring and a bit of forethought make those days special and create lasting memories.  I am planning to implement this in our home.
Currently Reading with the Kids:
with Ethan: Stuart Little by E.B. White
with Ellie: His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut by Dorothy Sharp Carter
with both: Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse

What did you read this week?


  1. Thanks so much for linking up with Weekly Reads. I love historical fiction, so I'm adding those first to my ever-growing wishlist.

    I keep seeing iffy reviews about Happier at Home and can't decide whether it's worth picking up or not. I really loved the first one, but I don't want to waste time on repetitive information, you know. Although I'm inspired on the holiday breakfasts just by reading your comments!

    1. Thanks, Mandi! I'm excited to "celebrate" Groundhog's day tomorrow. We won't be doing anything spectacular, but waking up to groundhog coloring pages is still fun, right?