Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Birthday for our Animal Loving Boy

(two and a half months ago...)

Our Ethan is a living, breathing animal encyclopedia.
On our weekly library trips his first stop is the non-fiction animal section.  
He'll say, "Where are the cheetah (or penguin, or worm or whatever he's interested in learning about) books?" and we'll search the shelves together until we find books on cheetahs or penguins or worms.
 He'll pull them out one by one, add the interesting looking books to our pile and put the others back.  Usually he says, "Nah." as he slides them back into place.

Then we read all about cheetahs (or penguins, or worms...) all week.  
And he will amaze us with his memory and the way he incorporates all of this knowledge into his pretending.
"I will speed like a cheetah! They are the fastest animals!",  he bellows as he runs through the kitchen.

Naturally, we had to plan an animal-focused birthday for this kid.

Jason took a day off of work and we surprised the kids with a trip to the zoo.
We had the place nearly to ourselves.  The weather was surprisingly warm, and the animals were more active than we've seen them during the hot summer months.

{Ellie the bird}

Our favorite exhibit was the sea otters.  Ethan could have stayed there for hours.

{penguin cupcakes}

Ethan woke up to penguin cupcakes, meant to be saved for later.  He fell in love with the penguins (can you blame him? ) and insisted on taking them in the bath that morning.  Needless to say, we did not put the penguins back on the cupcakes for his birthday celebration that evening.  You're welcome, guests, for not serving bath-water cupcakes.

We generally plan pretty laid-back birthday parties.  Usually just our little family and whatever extended family can make it.  Ellie had a big celebration this year for her 8th birthday and baptism. Ethan assumed he'd have a similar sized party, but didn't let on that he was expecting it until bedtime the night before his big day.   He said something along the lines of, "I am excited to see ALL my cousins and grandpas tomorrow!" 

I didn't have the heart to disappoint him. 

After some frantic texts/ phone calls, we arranged to have grandparents and cousins come to town for dinner the next day.  How grateful I am for a supportive family who loves this boy as much as we do.  He was not disappointed!

We are so blessed by this miracle boy. 
 His spark and sweetness and intelligence bring happiness to this mama's heart.

Here's a look back at some more birthdays: (2008 2009 2010)

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