Sunday, December 2, 2012

Road Trip with Grandma!

Jason's darling Grandma Gwen is a snowbird; she leaves for Mesa, AZ every year right after Thanksgiving and returns in April.  For about 25 years she made the trip with her sweetheart.  He passed away last year, but Grandma continues to make the long drive to a beautiful, vibrant, fun community full of friends and memories.

Jason and I had the opportunity to drive down with her this year. We left the kiddos with their grandparents and went on a road trip with Grandma.  We spent 5 days with her and talked nearly nonstop the whole time.  No music or books-on-CD in the car; just companionable quiet, filled mostly with stories. We heard countless new stories about Grandma's life, and we reminisced about Grandpa.  

I got to catch up with an old friend I haven't seen in years. 
 (We're not old...we've just known each other a LONG time!)

We visited the Mesa LDS Temple to see the gorgeous Christmas lights.

Jason and I learned to play Bocce Ball.  
Grandma is a pro, I was really glad she was on my team!

{isn't she adorable?}

 We appreciated seeing all the activities Grandma enjoys and meeting her good friends both at church and in her neighborhood.  It was a wonderful week in a beautiful (warm!) place, and I am already planning our retirement. 

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