Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Snapshot

A snapshot of the past month: our projects, books read and other things we love.

In the yard:
  • tore out the frozen remains of the garden (note to self:  freezing happens earlier than you're used to in this mountain valley)
  •  transplanting strawberries (make way for garden boxes!) and planting new perennials 
  • wondering what I want to plant in the flower bed that NEVER receives direct sunlight
  • Waiting for my order of 600 bulbs to arrive.  Hurry bulbs!
In the house:

  • Painted the master bathroom.  Love, love, love.  (And now I'm making plans for more painting projects)
  • Jason recently purchased a Bridgeport mill nearly as old as himself (photos coming soon).  He has spent countless hours cleaning, sanding, deconstructing, fixing, fiddling, photographing, putting back together and figuring out his new tool. Before much longer he will have it all up and running.  I am thrilled to see him so happy with this project.  It's been such a lot of work, but it's work he loves.  I wish I could explain better all the details, but that's definitely his department.
In the schoolroom:
  • Studied ancient Egypt, the Rosetta Stone and Jean Francois Champallion (SUCH a fun name to say over and over again, with French accents, naturally)
  • Learned about the electoral college and how the US government works
  • Finished studying the Book of Mormon, started the Old Testament
  • studied sound (by the way, check out Diego Stocco's videos here, they've had us mesmerized)
On the bookshelf :
  • Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.  So far a fun, silly and imaginative listen-in-the-car book.  Read by Jim Dale (who is amazing!)
  • Roller Skates by Ruth Sawyer.  Sweet book with some strange parts (a murder with no resolution, and WHO is the narrator at the beginning of the book?) , but if we ignore those parts, a very enjoyable story about service and making friends.
  • No More Words by Reeve Lindburgh.  Lovely memoir about Anne Morrow Lindburgh and her daughter in the final years of Anne's life.
  • One Thousand Gifts by Ann Vonkamp.  I am not even halfway through with this yet, but I can tell it's going to be life-changing for me.  Beautiful!
  • I'm finally reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  Behind the times, I know.
In the kitchen:

  • Canning, canning and more canning...and some freezing:  Applesauce, spaghetti/pizza sauce, one precious batch of my favorite Tomatillo Salsa, millions of peaches, peach butter, pumpkin puree (in the freezer, it's not safe to can)

On my mind:
  • Ethan's 4th birthday.  How did that happen?
  • Gratitude: lots of study time has been spent here lately
In our prayers:

  • Hermana Kindlespire: as always, but even more so lately.  She is serving an LDS mission in NY, NY. She is safe and sound after Sandy tore through.
  • Adoption papers complete.  We have meetings with our caseworker this week and next and then a month of waiting for paperwork to be done on their end and then more waiting and hoping and praying for a little one.  Join us in praying, won't you please?
Things we made:

  • Hogwarts in the back of our car and a sweet Hermione Granger and friendly bat.
  • I've also been slightly obsessed with our nature table.  Lots of felting and knitting happening there!


  1. You know I would vote for Ellie for president in a heartbeat! Bet she'd be really good for our country.