Monday, October 8, 2012

Bear Lake

We took a weekend camping trip to Bear Lake last month.  
The weather had just started to turn cooler, we had nearly the entire campground to ourselves and the scenery was gorgeous as ever. That makes for a pretty darn good trip.  

The kids and I were rather smitten with these "tiny baby itty bitty shells".

I know nothing about them other than that they are tiny and adorable and we couldn't get enough of them.
{We'd love to learn more, but unfortunately a google search of "tiny baby itty bitty shells at Bear Lake" doesn't turn up anything useful.  If you know anything please share!}

 Random not-serious fit thrown by Ethan.  
I can't remember what was happening here, but I might as well be honest in my documentation.
Ethan throws fits sometimes, it's true.

We found a delightful little area near Minnetonka Cave to explore (the cave was closed.  Bummer!).
Blue Pond Spring is a gorgeous place, seconds from the canyon road.  I can't really call it a hike, but it's definitely worth stopping to take a look if you're ever in the area.

We found moose footprints and (ahem) other evidence of moose.

Sweet Miss Ellie is very into posing for photos these days.  
She had this one all arranged and then called me over to capture it.
Right now I adore how comfortable she is with herself.  

She is a spunky, noisy, creative person and has no qualms about sharing her opinion with the world.
I overheard her having a theological discussion with one of her friends the other day.  I was pleasantly surprised with her poise and grasp of our beliefs and the way she calmly corrected her little friend's misunderstanding.  It made my Mama-heart proud to know something is sinking in!

My favorite part of this trip was ample down-time.  
We spent a lot of time hanging out, talking, reading, cooking over the fire and playing frisbee.  

I talked to Ethan afterward about what he was playing during this quiet moment.  He said he was playing "rock guys and the sticks are boats and the bad guy comes and the good guy saves us."
  I love to see his imagination emerging.  

He is rejuvenated by quiet alone time, like his Mama, and loves to invent elaborate stories with whatever small objects are around.  We call it "filling up his happy batteries".  It makes me happy that he can recognize his need for quiet.  I look forward to what this strong, observant, sensitive boy is able to do in the future.

Ethan's hands after playing "Rock Guys"

Ellie Joy; always up for a discussion, this girl.  Especially when she should be going to bed!
She knows I'm a sucker for deep questions (religious or otherwise) and will often bring up in-depth topics to discuss when she should be sleeping.  I'm on to her trickery, but can't quite bring myself to give up that time talking with her.  She's growing up before my eyes.

After a rough first night we wore ourselves out playing all the next day.  
We enjoyed a sunset walk along the beach and hot chocolate by the fire.

It took Ethan less than 30 seconds to fall asleep that night .  
We snuggled and talked for a bit and then he asked to hold my hand. 
 I readjusted my light so I could read a bit and in so doing looked away for a second.  
When I turned back to hold his hand, Ethan was completely out.

That's the sign of a successful camping trip, in my eyes.

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