Saturday, October 6, 2012

Antelope Island

We recently visited Antelope Island with some very dear friends of ours.  
(Hello, dear friends!  We love you so!)

We spent some time with the Junior Ranger group catching brine shrimp and looking at them under a microscope.  Ethan, our budding naturalist, was in heaven.  

I have not spent much time at the Great Salt Lake. Aside from millions of  brine flies swarming around every time we took a step (seriously... millions. It was yucky.), it was a rather lovely place.

Sandy beaches and water stretching to the horizon.

We intended to have a quick lunch and then go on a hike, but we (meaning the adults) ended up talking at the picnic table for hours.  The kids played in the sand, discovered small bones of some sort, attempted to dig to China, kept an eye on a small herd of bison who were hanging out nearby, watched a fox roaming around,  jumped and played and thoroughly coated themselves in sand.

Plus, we interrupted an awkward amateur swimming suit modeling session with a smarmy-looking photographer.  Yikes; that was very strange.  Luckily they left soon after we arrived so we could enjoy these gorgeous views without averting our eyes from any weirdness nearby.

We splurged on an ice cream treat, talked some more and then took our tired, sticky, sandy kiddos home.

We are grateful for wonderful friends, and for catching up.

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