Monday, September 17, 2012

Swiss Days

I spent Labor Day weekend in beautiful Park City, UT with my dear momma and most of my sisters (all but Hermana Kindlespire, currently in NY, NY).  As is always the case for me, I felt guilty as I dropped my kiddos off at a friends' house (thanks, Pam!) for the day. (Jason picked them up when he was done with work Friday and they had "Daddy Fun Time" for the rest of the weekend).  The farther down the road I traveled, the more I realized how well-timed this weekend away was for me. 

 I needed it.  Yes, sir.

I love, love, love my sisters and my mom.  I am so very thankful for them.  
They are strong, talented, beautiful women.  My dearest friends and strongest supporters {aside from Jason, naturally}. We spent our time creating, talking, laughing, shopping, talking, eating, playing, reminiscing and catching up. 
(Oh, and watching a really stupid movie.  My mistake on that one!)

I am thankful for the example they set, not just for me but also for my children.  
I would love for my daughter to grow to be like any one of these brilliant, amazing women.

On Sunday evening, most of the rest of the Kindlespire Clan join us in Park City.  
(Jason, Ellie and Ethan drove down from Cache Valley, my Dad and David came  
and Kristi brought her boys for some cousin time).

{this handsome fella spent the weekend with us, too.  
He's the most laid-back baby you've ever met}

{E and Phoe}

{My amazing mom}

While wandering around downtown Park City, we happened upon their Miner's Day celebration.  
After waiting and waiting for the Running of the Balls, we watched the parade.


...and waiting...

for the world famous Running of the Balls}

After such a pleasant, refreshing weekend, my Momma-Battery was fully recharged and I was ready to head back home.

Love you, Mom and Sisnerds!  
Same time next year?

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