Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sheep Trapped

We were all in need of an outing this morning, so we piled in the car and drove up the canyon.  We were hoping to easily find a new trail we could hike for a while. We were short on time and weren't necessarily interested in hiking far, we just needed some time outside.  We had no specific plan in mind, other than exploring our beautiful canyon and hopefully finding an adventure.

And an adventure we found, indeed.

A short way up the right fork in Logan canyon we got out and walked around a bit, but we decided to get back in the car to see what we could find farther up the road.  Before too long we discovered some sheep.  

Then we discovered more sheep.

I'm talking lots and LOTS of sheep.
We rolled down our windows so we could hear the bleeting more clearly.
Sheep are kind of loud.

It took us a while to make it through the many, many sheep. 

We ended up needing to turn around without being able to get out and walk around at all.
On the way back down we found a sea of sheep filling the dirt road.

 Ethan was in heaven!

{good morning, sheep!}

 Suddenly the sheep stopped up ahead.  Several dogs keeping them in line, so maybe the dogs weren't letting them go any farther down the road.  Regardless of the reason, we were stuck with hundreds of sheep between our car and the next bit of our journey.

Jason s-l-o-w-l-y inched the car forward and the sheep s-l-o-w-l-y moved aside (some attempting to jump over each other to get out of the way) to let us pass.

The dogs were pretty concerned with our lack of shepherding know-how and they stuck close to the car to help guide us through the Great Sheep Lake.  I took a video during the most crowded section of our descent.  Every once in a while throughout the day I'd think back on this scene and couldn't help but laugh to myself.

I'll day long I've been thinking of stupid sheep puns:
Our car is an island in the sea of sheep.
We're sheep-locked!
Help! We're sheep wrecked!

During church today, Ethan leaned over and asked if we could drive up the canyon again soon and be "sheep-trapped" (you know, like being "girl-trapped".  If you didn't know, that's when you're a boy surrounded by girls).

It was certainly an unexpected adventure that we'll never forget!


  1. Heehee! That looks kind of fun. I know what you mean about the sheep puns. I was just thinking it could have been a baaa-aaa-ddd experience. haha

    1. Ha ha! How did I miss THAT one? I'm so ashamed. You might say I'm feeling sheepish...