Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Before and After

It's been a while since our last Before and After update, and I thought you might like to see what we've been up to.

When I last reported our progress, our yard looked like this:



 Though we still have a long way to go, I am happy to report that we've had grass for a few months.  After much gravel-moving and form-building, our new curvy sidewalk was poured last month.

Much better!

Now that the sprinklers, sod and walkway are in, I get to focus on the flower beds (yay!).  It's been too hot to plant anything for the past little while.  But over the next few weeks I hope to get some lovely perennials settled before the very cold weather comes. 

This moss rose is one of a very few ornamental plants currently in our yard.  It makes me happy to look at this one little section and ignore the scary weed-infested other parts of our yard.  Field bindweed is currently my nemesis.    

We did plant a halfhearted garden this year.  It's not attractive in any way (sorry neighbors!)  but it is enough to keep our tomato (and a few other veggies)-munching family happy til more beautiful arrangements can be made...

Six large raised beds coming later this fall!
Jason loves me.

{It looks much worse in person}

Remember our orangey-brown blotchy living room with the peeling wallpaper border?


I repainted it a couple of weekends ago, and we LOVE the difference it's made!

I am now very motivated to repaint in our bathrooms.
 They have a similar paint job, but with dark green. (Blech, again.)

I found this bookshelf at a yard sale recently, and after many many coats of primer and paint it is now full of books in Miss Ellie's room.
{Obviously this photo was taken before she arranged her books...}

What do you get when you cross this pile of (seemingly random) bike parts

 with this devilishly handsome and definitely brilliant man?

My new bike!  Hooray! 
We've been talking about this forever (as in, the entire 11+ years we've been married) and finally made it a priority, and I am oh so happy we did.

Yes, I wear dorky clothes and a dorky helmet.

 {For those who are interested, it's a single speed and I don't know many more details than that.  You'll have to ask my bike-building husband if you want more info}

 No before shot of this one, but here is my new gallery wall in our family room.  You may recognize my new favorite photo in the top right.

 In keeping with our desire for change, Ellie decided to chop her hair off.  She had been wanting to grow it out for months, but finally realized that it's much easier to care for when it's short.  

 Yes, I had to run down the hall to take this after picture just now, after she had gone to bed.
She thought I was nuts.
That is not uncommon.

What projects have you been working on?

PS-- Remember how I told you a while ago that we're done fostering?  
After much thought and prayer and discussion, we've decided we're not done after all.  Jason and I feel so strongly drawn to that work, and we are not ready to put that aside yet.  We are still pursuing a private adoption, and we'll see what happens.  But our names are back on the active list for foster placements.

It just feels right.

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