Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

The kiddos and I went to Lake Powell with our Kindlespire/Kimball family in early August.
Despite a rough start to the trip, the details of which I will spare you, 
(Nikki's made my dad throw up in front of Ethan. Twice.) we had a glorious vacation.

 It's a long drive, but belting out Beatles tunes helps the time pass more quickly, as some of my younger siblings are so kind to demonstrate. I don't think David is quite awake yet.

 A stop for Green River melons is obligatory. 
 My new favorite is the canary melon, in case you were wondering.

We had THE best campsite in years.  Plenty of sandy beach, lovely shallow water-- which gradually deepened so we could still use the slide-- and all in a very secluded spot.  Perfect!

We arrived in time for the traditional afternoon windstorm (we had one every afternoon around 4:00). 
 We were all so hot from the drive that we didn't mind much.  Plus we were rewarded with a gorgeous triple rainbow afterward.  

The rest of the week was filled everything required for a delightful trip to Lake Powell.

{Nikki's famous sand chair}

{sand castle village under construction}

 Fishing with Grandpa:

{this was taken either just before or just after that fish whapped Phoenix in the face with its tail.  Phoe was unfazed but Ethan was scarred for life.}


 {It's hard to tell, but Ellie is jumping in this one}

{best Grandpa ever...he can carry two worn-out explorers at once!}

Creature Collecting/Observing:

{there were millions of tiny toads near our campsite}

{and some "Mommy and Daddy" toads, too}

{This makes me laugh.  That toad looks so very annoyed}

{Great Blue Heron prints--we saw him multiple times}

Cousin Time:

 {Ellie and Cougar coloring}

Phoenix and Ethan--referred to as Phoe and E-- were inseparable this trip.  They spent most of the time pretending to be jaguars.  Here they are showing off their cave, made from the sleeping mats on top of the houseboat.  These two curly-headed boys were born less than a month apart.  I love seeing their relationship progress as they get older.  Ethan has asked for "Phoe-Phoe" almost every day since we've been home, and from what I've heard the feeling is mutual.  (How's this for a flashback?)

{E received a haircut as soon as we got home!}

Olympic Events:

Naturally with the Olympics just wrapping up, we had to hold our own.  Lake Powell style.

 The balloons were pulled out during a moment when all the kids were pretty grumpy. Happiness was regained and it left Kristi and I wondering "Why haven't we ever thought to bring balloons before? This is great!".  Then my dad informed us that balloons are illegal there.  Oops!  It was still a very fun activity.

 We did a couple of races and then held the awards ceremony. 

Edible medals, found here

 We took over Nikki's chair to use as a podium and rotated through, making up awards, until everyone had a chance to receive a medal.  I believe David won the "Dirtiest David Award" or something like that.  Truthfully, he probably should have won for best all-around uncle.  Ethan calls him "Crazy Uncle David".  never just David, it's always the full title.  And he is incredibly patient and fun with all those little ones.

Thanks, brother!

 {bashing uncle Craig in the head}

And of course, WATER:

{E the jaguar}

We had water-skiing, wakeboarding, tube rides and boat rides aplenty.

{dreamy water}

{slow and "not crazy" tube rides for the little ones}

{decidedly more crazy for the not-so-little ones}
 That's Nikki, me and cousin Caitlin.  
There comes a time in every tube ride, usually when we first start bouncing through the air,
 that I think, "Wait a minute!  What am I doing? This seemed like such a good idea a few minutes ago..."  Generally that's about the time I have to tighten my grip and watch my life flash before my eyes, so the moment of reflection doesn't last long.

{Phoe has fantastic fashion sense}


{can't get enough of those eyelashes}

{a first for me}

I've been water-skiing for years.  I refuse to say how many...let's just say that I now qualify to go out with 
"the old folks" on the first trip of the day, when the water is smoother (and I won't mention that after all those years, this trip I forgot which foot I put first.  I couldn't get up for the first day and a half until Craig reminded me that I put my right foot forward.  Much better!).

Somehow I skipped kneeboarding as a kid. But I learned how to do it this trip. 
It was fun, but I won't be trading in my ski anytime soon.

Ellie learned to bellyboard this trip!
 (a precursor to kneeboarding, this essentially helps kids get used to being pulled by the boat)
 {that's a proud mama in the background!}

 {worn out, but happy}


How grateful I am to be able to spend time with my beloved family in this gorgeous area! 
My cute mom swam out to the island at our campsite and left a message for all to see:  


We love Lake Powell!

ps-- Jason wasn't able to join us, since he just started a new position at Thermo Fisher Scientific.  We are so very glad he was able to make that change.  It's been an answer to prayers.  While we were gone, he completely remodeled our pantry (I'll show off the photos in another post).  The man is amazing!


  1. What a fun trip! I haven't been to Lake Powell in years. I remember long, long ago going to big Kimball reunions and doing Olympics as well. Good memories!

    1. That was a long time ago! I have very vague memories of those trips, too. So fun!