Sunday, July 8, 2012


 Because our kiddos are such a great age for it, we've decided to camp as often as possible this summer.

It does us all a lot of good to head to the hills.

{I wish I could figure out an accurate way to spell the way Ethan says marshmallows.  It's kind of close to "Fwmashmewwos".}

We tried a very spontaneous trip up Logan Canyon on Friday evening.  It went fairly well, aside from the fact that I should not try new cooking-over-the-fire ideas without a) doing a little research to find an actual recipe or instructions and/or b) testing them before we are camping and starving.  After a small baked potato in the fire fiasco (more layers of tinfoil would have made SUCH a difference...ah well, next time), Jason drove back down the canyon (luckily we weren't far away from civilization) and purchased shish kabob ingredients for the adults and hot dogs for the kids.

Ellie said, as Jason was leaving, "Well, at least we know that if Daddy is going
 he's not going to come back with something weird like quinoa."

I was under the impression that the majority of us liked quinoa. 

 Apparently not.

Ethan was delighted with the "Cozy Chair" he invented. 

 He draped his sleeping back over the top, allowing the bottom to drag in the dirt and serve as a footrest.

Our little boy has turned into quite the bug/ spider catcher lately.  

Every time I turn around he's holding a "Daddy Big Legs" or a grasshopper or a beetle.

We have been feasting on delicious cherries for the past couple of weeks.  We sat around the campfire munching on cherries and spitting the pits into the fire (because we're high-class like that).  After much practice Ellie finally got her first pit to land in the fire rather than at her feet in a pile of slobber.

She can be seen rejoicing over her new skill in the photo above.

Of course, s'mores are a must, as is a goofy picture of Jason.

I love that guy!

I also discovered that I need to sew Ethan's sleeping bag zipper closed.  He woke up many times during the night because he kept kicking around and unzipping his bag.  At one point I woke up to him trying to stick his feet inside my pillow case.  
Groggily, I whispered, "Whatcha doin', buddy?"  
He whisper-whined back, "I can't get my feet in my bag!" 
 "That's because you're trying to put them in my pillow...your bag is down here." 
 "Oh, sorry Mom.  You help me?"  

We got things straightened out and fell asleep again.

Be prepared for many more camping photos this summer.  We had a blast!


  1. We've been doing a ton of camping this summer too. I have no idea why! :)

  2. I adore his quinoa comment :). We are big fans at our house, too.

  3. What a darling post, it sounds like you guys have had fun. I love the quinoa comment!

    Great idea on sewing Ethan's sleeping bag. I think I'll try a large safety pin on Hailey's and see if that helps. I never thought to think of a way to keep it zipped up how she likes it.