Monday, November 15, 2010


We are thrilled to have a new foster baby in the house (we're not allowed to post pictures, sorry). I spent Saturday night at the hospital and brought home a newborn Sunday afternoon. He's sweet and easy and we all adore him already. The kids are constantly kissing him, and I have to confess I'm right there with them.

Last night Jason made cookie dough (no, not cookies...just cookie dough. Sorry for those of you raw egg haters!) and as soon as the kids got their spoons full they plopped down in front of Baby's swing to watch him.

No idea yet how long we'll have him. But we'll sure love him while he's here!


  1. So exciting. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to meet him. Hope it is going good.

  2. I love this photo! Wish I could have been sitting there with a spoon of cookie dough watching the baby too!

  3. How exciting! Can't wait to see him (you know how much this street loves babies). And, cookie dough? My Jason might be upset you didn't invite him over. hehe