Thursday, August 19, 2010


Earlier this month we were invited to spend the day at Pineview Reservoir with Jason's parents and some of their neighborhood friends. We drove up with Mindy and her 3 little ones. Ellie and Ethan had a blast playing in the sand and water all day, and having cousins and grandparents there made it twice as nice!

All worn out and ready for a snack...

They made friends with some kids that were camped nearby and played with this giant log for a long time. They'd take turns giving each other rides.

After much deliberation, Ellie decided to try riding the tube. One of the Hillman's friends cute teenage daughters (did you catch that?) rode with her.

As they rode S-L-O-W-L-Y along, Ellie decided she loved it! Major breakthrough!

Aside from Ethan screaming for most of the 90 minute drive home, it was a lovely day.

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