Saturday, August 21, 2010

Glacier, Cont.

We went on a few hikes in Glacier. We love hikes for several reasons, but this is one of the best:

How often do I get to hold Ethan while he's sleeping? NEVER. There is nothing better than a completely-exhausted-from-playing-so-hard toddler asleep on your shoulder. It is one of my favorite places to be.

Lindsay and Nikki.

Guess what Ethan's doing...yep, throwing rocks in the water.

Phoenix using Ellie's hiking stick. Ethan calls him "Fifi" and has been asking for him every day since we got home. "Uh oh! Where Fifi?" I guess after 6 days together Ethan assumed Phoenix would be spending every day with us.

One of the major themes of our trip was parkour. Of course, we're not quite as good as the guys in the video. But it's definitely hilarious to pretend like we are.

Lindsay with some awesome parkour action.

Ethan and Ellie got pretty into parkour, too. Ethan yells "Ah-coh!" (parkour) as he does all sorts of amazing tricks, like the one above.


Lake McDonald. We made Ellie and Cougar reinact a photo from our last graduation trip (Lindsay's trip to the San Juan islands 4 years ago).

Nikki and Ellie.

My cute Mama planning our next adventure. Thanks, Mom for putting together such a wonderful trip!

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