Monday, August 2, 2010

Doughnut Falls

Here are some pictures from our Doughnut Falls hike a couple of Sundays ago. According to Jason this is not the Doughnut Falls he remembers from when he was a kid. We know we started out at the right trail head, but is it possible we took a wrong turn somewhere along the way? Can anyone verify that this is Doughnut Falls?

Either way, it was a beautiful hike and managed to turn our grumpy kids back into the happy ones we like much better. Worth it in my book!

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  1. It is the same. I believe a few years ago there was a rock slide, or some other natural occurance that piled a bunch of rocks up under the falls. I'll agree with Jeff, it's not the same. We took a hike there last year and it wasn't like it was when we were younger.

    Jeff and Janell