Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day

July 1st was Canada Day and the kids and I celebrated as true Americans would: we went to a parade and participated in the free festivities without even knowing what Canada Day is. I came home and learned a little bit about it (read the link above to find out more).

We did a scavenger hunt at Riverside Park and the kids won Canada Day hats and pins for participating.

There was a huge kids area hidden toward the back of the park. We got to pet donkeys, play games, paint and color all for free. Most of the people at the festivities were in the carnival area (which, of course, was very expensive) so we got to enjoy this much more low-key and kid friendly environment without too many other people. It was lovely!

Ethan is a bit of a cheater at the ring toss. At least he's really cute!

We finished off the day with ice cream cones at home. Ethan figured out how to eat his from the bottom. Or rather, he found out how to bite the bottom off so it dripped everywhere while he was still trying to lick the top of his cone.

Happy Birthday Canada!

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